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welcome to ninety-9 & St. Claire


Cleveland, Ohio

N 41.5248777, -81.6231369 E | EST 2018

We are a small creative agency inspired by our ancestor’s immigration; the fresh bread on a Sunday morning your grandmother used to make - and the music your grandfather played on vinyl in the other room. We believe in the richness of history & the power it brings to our modern lives.

At Ninety-9 & St. Claire we use these elements of your story to help you build the business you’ve always wanted - that’s entirely you, a melting pot of beauty and depth. Our design services are budget friendly, utilizing products like Squarespace and Canva to support your vision. We can’t wait to create something amazing together with you.

And lastly, we share stories of the every day person, of old Hollywood, of music out of the Bronx. We believe our experiences are guiding forces, directing one another into the reality around us and the unforeseen opportunity lying within our neighbors.

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This digital course will help you take your idea and create a profitable business model as a service-based business. Throughout the masterclass you’ll receive in-depth curriculum, Q&A sessions in our private FB group, and lifetime access to ensure your success!

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 Let’s Create Something Amazing Together

We are so excited to support your vision and help develop your business’ corner of the internet through budget friendly project options.

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the template




Beautifully designed Canva Branding Kits and Squarespace Templates created to celebrate your business & inspire your audience.

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1912 markethouse

a digital publication created in-house by Ninety-9 & St. Claire, that examines and showcases branding through film, art, and local businesses.

Read the September Issue

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