Behind the Design: Foxtails Photography


A behind-the-scenes look at Foxtails Photography’s website design, using the Ninety-9 & St. Claire Squarespace template, Brandywine.


What We Covered:

→ Website Strategy
→ Squarespace Website Customization

Kayla, owner of Foxtails Photography came to us after attempting to work with another designer, in the beginning stages of her website rebuild.

We usually see 2 types of clients at Ninety-9 & St. Claire:

  1. Those who have already launched their business/brand with a DIYed website, and are ready to realign their brand as they expand and grow.

  2. Those who are in the idea phase of their business, but are ready to create their digital footprint, strategically & beautifully.

Kayla was a special category 1 case. As she had already put money into a previous designer, her budget as a mom wasn’t big, but she really needed a new site to match her growing clientele. So we suggested one of our Squarespace templates - beautiful and affordable! And wow! Did it fit right into her brand!

Let’s take a look behind the design:


We began with an initial discovery call and questionnaire to learn more about how Foxtails Photography operates, who Kayla serves as a couples-focused photographer, and where the pervious designer had left off, to develop a plan on moving forward.

It was really important that we maintained the beautiful branding Foxtails Photography had co-designed with Gypsy and Bear Studio. In utilizing the earthy tones of Wyoming that Kayla incorporates into every photography session, we knew we had to translate that from a logo to an interactive website highlighting each element.


After learning more about the business that Kayla has built and the vibe she wanted to convey, we began dissecting her service offerings, portfolio, and personal touches to develop a website wireframe or outline, that will allow her to secure new clients, and showcase the beautiful work from Foxtails Photography.

This stage is multi-facetted from the bare bone web pages to transitioning into the smallest details like icon placement. In creating the Foxtails Photography website, we realized that this service-based website would serve so many more people, and Kayla agreed to allow us to resell her template in the Ninety-9 & St. Claire store.

We absolutely loved being able to play with softer tones, custom serif fonts (Hello Paris was used!), and celebrate another female business owner.

As a Squarespace Circle Member, we help our clients to feel empowered to actually use the site we build for them, once we go live. Additionally, we are able to offer affordable rates no matter if the project is a custom job or it utilizes one of the Ninety-9 & St. Claire in-house templates.

The Brandywine template features dynamic banner images, custom Canva graphics, and is user-friendly!

Check out the Foxtails Photography site here:!

Pre-order the Brandywine template for your own business here:

Foxtails Photography | Home Page

Foxtails Photography | Home Page

Foxtails Photography | Services Page

Foxtails Photography | Services Page


Businesses that are inspiring their community make us so happy!

We had such a blast working on this project and bringing this business to life. Kayla is currently booking local clients in Wyoming and destination intimate weddings around the world. Connect with Foxtails Photography on Instagram or Facebook.

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