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hey there!

I’m Sara Loretta

A Cleveland-raised storyteller, creator, and millennial with big dreams. Minor coffee addict, I’m obsessed with the Twilight Zone and baking bread. Rap music has been saving me since 1993. Learn more below!


Like many creatives, my journey started off with a childhood full of coloring books and countless days playing make-believe in our family basement.

And like many entrepreneurs, I never intended to start a business, but it happened and I’m so glad you’re here to learn more about it!

In 2009, I started a simple blog on Blogger, excited to share my opinions on whatever it is I wrote about back then, but never expected to make a multi-year passion from it. Ten years ago, the internet was so different, so siloed.

As the years went on, I joined Twitter & Instagram, expanding my digital footprint through various outlets and growing my experience online, while many were still trying to figure out why anyone would just post highly-filtered photos to an account - copy wasn’t important yet (or so we all thought). Through high school and into college I maintained my blog, switching platforms & topics, discussing everything from Disney parades to Nas’ Illmatic album; my love for storytelling had come alive and when it did I figured out my purpose. With switching those topics, came a newly designed website - a new feel, a fresh face that continued to invite readers in.

Some say that the best things in life are free and come unexpectedly into our presence. And if you would have told me that a single event or maybe three, would strangely connect at the end of 2018, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. Ninety-9 & St. Claire was founded on that ideal - unexpectedness. Deciding randomly on a cold November day to take a creative risk, kickstarted everything - and almost as if I snapped my fingers, it all fell into place. My career adventure has been amazing but I know the best years are still to come.

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