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Each Branding Kit stems from an intimate collection designed by Ninety-9 & St. Claire, to refresh and inspire your audience.

Kits are equipped with four logos, IG Highlight covers, color & font palettes - all customizable in Canva as your business grows.

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how does purchasing a branding kit work?

After you select your desired brand kit & click purchase, you’ll be prompted for some information regarding your business for us to complete your new kit! Then within 48 hours, you’ll receive all of your files from us (in png format), as well as links to edit your files in Canva directly. That’s it!



What files will I receive?

You will receive both vector and png files of your logos optimal for all creative platforms. Additionally your logos will come in two designs - black/white & in main color. You’ll also receive a PDF detailing your new brand kit, shareable to partners or clients.



I’ve never used a branding kit before, how will I know what to do?

Have no fear! each of our branding kits also come with tutorial videos walking you through the importance of a branding kit, how to use it across your website, social media, etc., and shows you how to upload & use your kit in Canva.



What if I decide I don’t like my kit after purchase? Can I return it?

Unfortunately all sales are final as every kit is received by our customers exactly as its purchased, with only your business name edited into the design. You can however request a secondary editing round for an additional $85.

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